Aerolearn Flow Repair Station Training

Next Generation Training for Part 145 Repair Stations 

Aerolearn Flow integrates all Repair Station training- online or classroom, offsite and OJT experience.

Autopilot your company FAA Repair Station Training Program

Aerolearn Flow reports and notifications are automatic - making administration and employee notification a breeze.

why work with us?

Over 20+ Years of Successful Training and Still Counting

Quality and Quantity

Aerolearn content is designed by A&P's, and QA'd by experts in online learning, and we have lots of courses available. We have been refining our e-Training constantly for 20+ years.

Aerolearn has shelves of courses on Avionics, Sheetmetal, Composites, Human Factors, Management and FAA regulations, to name a few.

Design & Development

Aerolearn started designing courses online in 1999. Our material comes from our own  FAA 147 A&P curriculums, OSHA, and our own ideas for aviation maintenance training.

Aerolearn courses are not available elsewhere. Our content makes your e-Training unique, and we share our starter library of 52 courses with each customer. Custom designed courses are our specialty, and we are world-class course designers.

Repair Station Focus

Aerolearn designed our own LMS (Learning Management System) just for FAA and EASA 145 Repair Stations. We host and manage our state-of-the art e-Training LMS just for your company.

Over the past 20+ years we have designed reports and notifications to exceed expectations of FAA Accountable Managers and Quality Managers world-wide.

about us

We use our experience to create your training.

Aerolearn was established California in 1999 by three PhDs to move traditional classroom aviation maintenance training to online courses. We have built online courses, LMS's, IA refresher sessions and shop projects by the 100's for customers all over the world.

Aerolearn started providing e-Learning courses to individual mechanics and AMT students in both the US and Malaysia. Returning to the US in 2005, the current President and owner, Mike Rice, started to focus on recurrent training online for FAA Repair Stations. Aerolearn e-Training is the result of applying 30+ years of Rice Aviation A&P school curriculums, my A&P-IA aircraft maintenance and inspection experience and a love of project management. For fun, I fly and maintain a Cessna 310J. So sometimes you may have to leave a message, because I'm out in the hangar wrench'n on the next teachable moment.  Aerolearn combines our experiences to create your best e-training.

We have built multiple libraries of training for aviation maintenance- ab initio, recurrent and safety, Human Factors and specialized. Aerolearn continues to build bespoke world-class courses for our customers, while hosting and maintaining 100's of online courses via our custom LMS.

All of the Aerolearn courses are constantly refined by Mark Piskura, Aerolearn's content developer and customer service manager. Mark has been building courses and helping train Repair Station Training Managers since 2006. His attention to detail shows in the quality of Aerolearn Repair Station e-Training.

Mark can draw on 30 years of training developed for Northrop Rice Aviation AMT school curriculums.  Aerolearn has over 200 Aerolearn Basic online courses, shelves of Avionics, Aviation Management courses, and shop projects. We put customer supplied training online all the time.


Aerolearn training makes a difference.

Aerolearn training has been used for decades to solve FAA Repair Stations issues of poor training quality and a lack of auditable training records.

We provide the courses as dictated by FAA AC145-10, we host the online training for you, we train and support employee needs assessments and administration, and we automate the notices and reports Quality Managers need to track company training goals.

Our brand new Aerolearn Flow e-training solution is super easy to implement and it works!

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